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Heavy Duty Driver Looking For Work - Posted 28/03/2023

Greetings to the hiring officer,

I would like to apply to work for your company. I have three to four years of work experience as a heavy-duty driver in Kuwait.  I am a dependable candidate experienced in navigating long-haul routes and have an in-depth knowledge of route logistics and vehicle maintenance needs.  Able to work with heavy machinery like tractors, trailers and all sorts of heavy agricultural machinery.

I am a hard-working, honest, reliable, trustworthy team member, respectful and responsible person who would be an asset to the team. Please give me the opportunity to be a part of your team and I promise to add more value and growth to your company with my skills.

I am in India presently and looking to live in New Zealand to increase my skills and to be close to family there.

For any questions and a copy of my resume with references, please email me - singhharman191992@gmail.com

Thank you

Kind Regards

Harmanpreet Singh


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